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We are Rock Edison - Global Rock Music Coalition
Releasing ROCK singles since mid 2020 with more on the way, Rock Edison is on the scene with their mix of Hard Rock, Pop Punk, and Rock Ballads.
Rock Edison is a collection of passionate and talented musicians, artists, producers, engineers and social media specialists from the USA, UK, Brazil, Africa and China.  We all share the common goal of making rock music that you'll love. 
Visit us on all major music and social media platforms.


 Global ROCK Coalition 

The Band

Larry Herring - Rock Edison

Larry Herring - Los Angeles, USA - China

4 Dog Studio, 4 Dog Studio Productions

Producer, Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals. Global Coordinator

I Bought a guitar in 2012 and have been making music ever since.  I'm not sure how I was actually able to breathe prior to that.  My daily passion for creating music feels as necessary as breathing itself.  I cannot imagine a time in my future that will not include a close interaction with music composition and production.  I feel extremely fortunate to have this wonderful group of people to create with.  

Joao Clebur Frutuozo - Rock Edison

Joao Cleber Frutuozo - Brotas, Brazil

Jcf Studio

Piano, Keyboards, Effects

Joao always adds the right mix of love and grooves with a good ear for the right tones to add to the tracks for the right vibe.  He is the owner and operator of JCF studio, a genuine musician's friend.  Thanks for all you do Joao.

Tinho Pereira - Rock Edison

Tinho Pereira - Sao Carlos, Brazil

Timbu Studio

Guitar, Bass, Mentor Extraordinaire, Nicest Man On The Planet

Tinho may well have taken his first steps as a baby at the music conservatory near his childhood home.  His command of the Bass is a phenomenon that leaves jaws on the floor with each performance.  Combined with his mastery of all things guitar make Tinho one of the most talented musicians in the world.  Oh and did we mention that he is the nicest man on the planet? 

Leonardo Susi - Rock Edison

Leonardo Susi - Ubatuba, Brazil

America Music e Video Production Studio

Drums, Co-Production, 

Cutting his teeth at the conservatory, Leo plays every style of drums imaginable.  He has been with Rock Edison since the beginning and is a foundational member of the group.  We wouldn't be here without his massive contribution to the music.  Leo records for Rock Edison from his studio located in the sleepy beachside community of Ubatuba Brazil.  

Juliano Furtado - Rock Edison

Juliano Furtado - Brotas, Brazil

Jcf Studio

Bass Master

A true technician Juliano always knows the right spots to bring the THUMP!  We don't know where our songs would be without his skilled injection into our music.  He always brings exactly what is needed for every composition that we throw at him.  Much love to you Juliano!

Juba - Rock Edison

Juba - Shanghai, China - Brazil

Guitar, Bass, General Badass Music Dude

Legend has it that Juba started playing guitar when he was 4 years old. If you hear him play you will definitely believe the legend.  Juba plays everything from accordion to lap steel to piano and bass, you name it and Juba can play it like a pro!  We're fortunate to have his musical energy on Rock Edison Tracks.  Check his Solo work on No Regrets.  

The Engineer Magicians

Renato Napty - IPU va'e Studio

Renato Napty - Piracicaba, Brazil

IPU va'e Studio

Bass, Mixing, Mastering, Co-Production

Operating from Ipu va'e studio in Brazil, Renato has been mixing our music since 2017.  He is a veteran of Rock Music recording, producing, mixing and mastering for the last 20 plus years.  He has helped us evolve and continue to grow into who we are as a group and hope we can be.  We love your work and inspiration Renato!!

Tim Crouch - Dawn Stage

Tim Crouch - Shanghai, China - UK

Dawn Stage

Mixing, Mastering, Co-Production

Tim Crouch first showed up at the fledgling 4 Dog Studio back in 2013.  His interaction in our music journey has been with us since then.  He is a DJ, Producer, Director and mentor to many over his years in China.  Keep an eye out for our future release "Life Of Power" which is the hybrid mix of a driving rock song with club style electronic elements thanks to his production contribution.  Hats off mate!

Yoad Nevo - Nevo Sound

Yoad Nevo - London, UK

Nevo Sound

Mixing, Mastering, Co-Production, All Things Music Wizard

Yoad Nevo is a producer and mixer known for his work with Sia, Dino Merlin, Giggs, Jem, Pet Shop Boys, Bryan Adams, Girls Aloud, Sugababes, The Dandy Warhols, Goldfrapp, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Moby, Air, Morcheeba, amongst others. He is also the owner of Nevo Sound Studios in London, and the co-inventor of pro audio plugins for Waves Audio.
Nevo started his career in music at age 10, playing guitar and exploring electronic instruments and at the age of 17 has started working in professional recording studios. During 1998–2005 Nevo worked at Townhouse Studios and Olympic Studios alongside Mark Stent, Hugh Padgham and Jeremy Wheatley. .

Additional Recording

and Production

Veridiana Nascemento Pereira - Rock Edison

Veridiana Nascemento Pereira

Sao Carlos, Brazil

Timbu Studio

Additional Vocals

Veridiana is a seasoned performer who can jump to just about any style of music imaginable.  She has the vocal range to break all of the fine china in the house.  We can't wait to get back in the studio with Veridiana  to record some true power rock vocals on our new tracks.

Julia Simoes - IPU va'e Studio

Julia Simoes

Piracicaba, brazil

IPU va'e Studio

Additional Vocals

This elegant lady commands a strong stage presence with angelic vocals to match.  You can hear her beautiful voice on our heartfelt rock ballad Sail On.

Zinho Malagueta - Apostullus

Zinho Malagueta

Piracicaba, brazil

IPU va'e Studio

Additional Vocals

The rock vocal power of Zinho will hit you as if the mighty Zeus himself is hurling his mythical lightning bolts at your head.  You can catch a glimpse with his backing vocals for No Regrets.

Vladimir Tzanev - Rock Edison

Vladimir Tzanev - Ningbo, China - Bulgaria

Piano, Keyboards

Bio coming soon.

Orlan Charles - IPU va'e Studio

Orlan Charles - Sao Bernardo Do Campo, Brazil

IPU va'e Studio

Piano, Keyboards, Effects, Co-Production

Bio coming soon.

Marcelo Saghese - Saghese Studio

Marcelo Saghese - Sao Dimas, Brazil

Saghese Studio

Additional Drums

Bio coming soon.

Marcos Marques - IPU va'e Studio

Marcos Marques - Campinas Brazil

IPU va'e Studio

Additional Guitar Screams

Bio coming soon.

Collaboration and Support

Andrew Bull - DJ El TORO

Andrew Bull (DJ El TORO) Shanghai, China - Hong Kong - UK

Shine Entertainment

Epic Motivator, Mentor, Exposer of Music Culture

Starting his youth in Hong Kong as a DJ, Andrew Bull has worked with some of the most famous music artists in the world.  As the founder and operator of the famed Canton Disco in Hong Kong his legend has continually grown with each passing year.  Andrew has been there with us since the beginning and has cheered us on the whole way.  Oh, and he was the first to play a Rock Edison track in public during one of his legendary DJ engagements.  Thanks for always being there Andrew!


Hany Zaki - Cairo, Egypt

Marketing, Social Media Wizard

Hany is the hardest working dude on the web.  He is the proprietor of the KMasters series of playlists on Spotify.  Each time we release a new track Hany has been sure to feature our music.  He works our Twitter and Instagram accounts like the conductor of a symphony.  He has singlehandedly brought more followers to our social media and has connected more people than ever to our music.... many of whom have become fans.  We feel quite lucky to have him as part of our family.  

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